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LRSHRM Scholarship - The Process


    SHRM Student Scholarship Application

    Scholarship Rubrics

    Purpose:  Lynchburg Regional SHRM (LRSHRM) believes in investing in its members in two ways.  The goal is to offer at least one $500 scholarship to a student and one $500 scholarship to a member each year, provided the chapter’s finances permit.  The first scholarship is designed to award up to two (2) scholarships to up to two (2) college students.  The second scholarship is designed to recognize a chapter member for his/her work toward obtaining an HR certification or recertification continuing education credits.

    Definition:  LRSHRM’s board meets in the fourth quarter of each year to determine if it will be financially able to fund three, annual minimum of $500 (each) scholarships (totaling $1500) for the next calendar year. 

    Up to two (2) “Student Scholarships” will be awarded to:

    • A college student(s) enrolled in an accredited college or university in the Lynchburg regional area, who is interested in pursuing an HR career.  

    One “Certification Scholarship” will be awarded to:

    • A LRSHRM chapter member, who is studying to obtain his/her HR certification (either SHRM or HRCI) or obtain continuing education units for HR recertification.


    For the college scholarships include:

    • Currently matriculated students who are interested in Human Resources as a career as evidenced by their selection of college major/minor and/or participation in an HR internship.
    • HR internship documentation (if applicable) from the organization describing the internship, date(s) of completion, immediate supervisor
    • Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.5.  Receipt of unofficial copy of the student’s transcript attached to scholarship application.

    For the chapter member:

    • a chapter member in good standing who attends at least one half of the LRSHRM monthly chapter meetings in a calendar year, as verified by chapter meeting registration records.
    • a chapter member who wishes to obtain either HR certification or recertification.

    The Process:

    Upon receipt of LRSHRM board approval, at the next available LRSHRM chapter meeting, the president will announce the LRSHRM Scholarship Program.  Details will be available on the LRSHRM website.

    The web-based application and details will be available on the LRSHRM website.

    Applicants will complete the application by the date established.

    The LRSHRM chapter scholarship committee, comprised of two board members and two chapter members, will review all of the applications and select and recommend  recipients to be awarded each of the scholarships.  These recommendations will be made to the full LRSHRM board for their review and approval.  The board’s decisions will be final.

    Prior to the scholarship committee meeting to select and recommend award recipients, the chapter president will announce to the LRHSRM members that a current board member has applied for a scholarship, when and if this should occur.  In these situations, the current board member, who has applied, will recuse him/herself, if applicable, from the scholarship committee, and from the full board’s review and approval process.  The board’s decisions will be final.

    Efforts will be made to time the announcement, application time, as well as the review, selection, and awarding of the college scholarships, around our local colleges’ academic calendars. Recipients will be contacted in advance and invited to attend the chapter meeting when the scholarship winners are announced (if possible), so they may be recognized.