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    Why Should I Join a Local Chapter?

    Membership in a local chapter will provide the opportunity to network, learn from others and grow professionally. Please consider the following advantages of being affiliated with a local SHRM chapter:
    1. Opportunity to meet other HR professionals
    2. Development of relationships and contacts with other companies, to share ideas and resources
    3. Availability of local professional development opportunities
    4. Access to HR best practices
    5. Availability of current information on pending legislative HR issues

    How do I join the Lynchburg Regional SHRM Chapter?

    The Society of Human Resources Management of Central Virginia is a 100% Chapter. You must belong to National SHRM to become a member of our Chapter. Membership on both the local and national level, gives you full access to a wealth of services and programs, that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization. You will be part of the largest professional organization in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the advancement of the human resource management profession. Prices for the various memberships are as follows:

    National Membership Dues – Professional:  $190.00 (Submit directly to SHRM, 1800 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314)

    National Membership Dues – Student:  $40.00 (Same address as above)

    Local Chapter Dues:  $60.00 (Submit to Lynchburg Regional SHRM, P. O. Box 11402, Lynchburg, VA 24506 once the on-line application has been completed)

    Local Student Chapter Dues:  $5.00 (Same address as above)

    Annual Prepayment of Monthly Meeting Fee:  $140.00 (This will save you from having to pay at the door each month)

    Member Chapter Meeting Cost:  $15.00/meeting (You may prepay via PayPal, or bring cash or check to the door)

    Guest Chapter Meeting  Cost:  $20.00/meeting (Same options as above)

    Student Chapter Meeting Cost:  $5.00/meeting (Same options as above)

    In order to join Lynchburg Regional SHRM, you must be a member of SHRM National and list your member number on the check you send for local dues. For more information on joining the National SHRM, please visit

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