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    May Chapter Meeting - Behind the Manager's Closed Door (HRCI & SHRM Certified)

    Date: May 11, 2017, 11:00am – 1:00pm
    The Summit
    1400 Enterprise Drive
    Lynchburg, VA 24502
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    Meeting Topic: Behind the Manager’s Closed Door

    Speaker: Lee Hubert, MBA, SHRM-SCP

    Meeting Certification: Pre-Approved for HRCI and SHRM Credit (1.00 Credit Hour, General)

    Meeting Summary:

    Behind the Manager’s Closed Door

    • Do you ever wonder what happens behind the closed door?
    • Are you curious if you are having the right types of conversations with your employees?
    • Do you wonder if you are the only one that leaves some of the conversations with headaches?
    • Are you curious if there are better ways to structure tough conversations with employees?

    If these questions intrigue you, then please join us for our next LRSHRM Meeting Thursday May 11th.

    Lee Hubert, Principal Consultant from Voltage Leadership, will explore these and other critical questions that manager’s must address. We will discuss best practices for 1:1 meetings, how to deal with a challenging employee, motivational ideas, disciplinary conversations, giving recognition and effective team meetings. This presentation will assist leaders become better at the challenging conversations and help them enter these conversations with more confidence.

    So, what should happen behind the Manager’s closed door and when?

    We advocate for Well-Run 1:1 Meetings:  15- 30 minutes in duration and held at least once a month, (weekly for new hires.)  By well-run we mean meaningful interaction with somebody who is actively present and actively participating.  This means no phone, no computer, no texting, and no interruptions.  This builds a trust bridge for great strategic working relationships.   

    1:1 meetings (30 min max) once a month (and ad-hoc as needed).  The main purpose is to Listen, Understand and Exchange Information about:

    1. Assignments / Work-load Balance - (i.e. what’s working well, what’s not, distractions)
    2. Developmental Plans / Activities /Training / Tools - (Internal Customers, 
      Continuing Education Certifications / Degrees, Shadowing, Cross Training, Networking, Tools / Technology
    3. Recognition / Coaching / Staff Feedback- (Shared Successes, Constructive Thought Partnering) 
    4. Feedback for Leader, (Things leaders may not see (blind spot) or need help on)
    5. Other Satisfiers / Dis-satisfiers – (Job enrichment ideas, ergonomics, environmental, etc)
    6. Continuous Improvement / Innovation– (As you drill into new /changed responsibilities) 

    When done with authenticity, Well-Run 1:1 Meetings set up the foundation for performance expectations and directly address any issues in the employee’s world.  This, in turn, makes the performance review almost an afterthought, because you both have already sought out what really matters.

    Speaker Bio:

    Lee Hubert, MBA, SPHR – SCP

    Co-Host of VoltCast Radio Show: Illuminating Leadership

    Principal Consultant, Voltage Leadership Consulting

    Lee Hubert is a Leadership Coach, Trainer and Facilitator with Voltage Leadership Consulting and  Co-Host of Voltcast "Illuminating Leadership" the Voltage Leadership Radio Show which airs LIVE every Tuesday at 1 PM EDT.

    VoltCast shares timely real world ideas with real world leaders so they can always listen in get the latest from Voltage Leadership.

    Lee has served in various human resources and leadership development roles at Fortune 500 companies including: MCI, Wisconsin Energy, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Wake Forest University Hospital, and the Hospital Corporation of America. As a public speaker, he has presented leadership development topics at management retreats and strategic planning sessions throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern USA.

    Lee brings over 20 years’ experience in Management Training, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Employee Relations and Conflict Resolution to bear for clients  of Voltage Leadership. 

    He holds an MBA in HR Management and current SPHR / Senior Certified Professional (SCP) Certifications. Lee resides at Smith Mountain Lake, VA with his wife Jane. His offline interests  include running for fitness, singing and playing guitar and playing golf.

    Voltage Leadership: Doing Great Work with Great Leaders to Achieve Great Results      - (540) 798-1963                                         

    1420 Third Street SW, Roanoke, VA 24016




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