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Changes Coming on June 29 to Virginia's COVID Workplace Safety Rules

    Happy Summer, people! I thought I'd share a few noteworthy L&E developments that were on my desk during the last few weeks. Don't shoot the messenger, but you're going to have to read some more COVID safety regs before you head to the beach.

    Masks/Vaccines.  The Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board (VSHCB) is meeting on June 29 to consider adopting the United State's Department of Labor's OSHA ETS and amendments to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry's FPS.  Take a peak at the agenda here, and you can watch it electronically if you're the extra credit type. We'll be doing the hard work and posting what you need to know in our client alerts.

    Overtime Wage Act. Virginia DOLI appears to be shifting its attention from COVID to overtime. They just posted some new FAQs on the subject that, I think, are really helpful. Short and sweet. Check them out here. I know this act is going to be a big tool for plaintiff's counsel in the coming years, so time to bone up.

    EEOC Tells Us How They Train Their Investigators. We've worked with you on EEOC investigations before, so you know that we try to read the tea leaves to some extent to get past that stage of an employment case. What do they want? What cases are they using to build their case? You can now get serious extra credit by reading this compendium, released today, where EEOC tells you the cases they are using to train their folks. 

    Wear sunscreen!

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